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Weekend Project: Show Us Your Creative Side!

rawtOn Monday we launched our new ‘Draw a Video’ feature on Android and it inspired us to make this week’s Weekend Challenge all about creativity.  Whether you’re an Android, iPhone or Web user, we challenge you to put some time aside this weekend to get creative and share the results with us in a Magisto Movie!

If you’ve got an Android device, you can create a Movie using ‘Draw a Video’ and sketch your own intro, video frame, transitions and effects. If not, just create a Movie of yourself or your friends drawing, painting, dancing, acting or being creative in some other way.  Use Magisto to create a video art piece, document a crafts project–anything goes, so long as it’s creative!

If you make a creative Movie this weekend, share it with us and we’ll give you a free one-month Magisto Premium upgrade!  Just share the link with us on Facebook or tweet it to @Magisto on Twitter with the hashtag #creative.  You can also simply include the hashtag #creative in your Movie title.

Need some creative inspiration? Just check out the Movies below!  Will you be getting creative with Magisto this weekend?

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