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Weekend Project: Get Your Dance On For a Free Magisto Upgrade

danceHappy Friday, ladies and gents!  The weekend is just around the corner and our latest Weekend Project is here to provide a little bit o’ movie-making inspiration for the next few days.  This weekend we invite you to dance for a free Magisto upgrade.  Just make a dance Movie and share it with us.  The first 50 users to get their dance on and share will get a free one-month Magisto Premium upgrade.

What’s Magisto Premium? Magisto Premium is our paid subscription service that lets you upload up to 25 videos/minutes and 20 photos per Movie (as opposed to the 10 video/minute limit and 5 photo limit in our free version), create longer Movies, and download unlimited Movies to your device.  Want to try it out for a month?  All you’ve gotta do is dance!  It’s that simple!

This weekend, make a Movie of yourself, your friends or your family dancing and share it with us using one of the following methods:

Need a little inspiration?  Just check out these great Magisto dance Movies below.  Will you be taking part in this week’s Weekend Project?

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