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The Dirty Little Secret Every Professional Video Editor Needs To Know

When you work as a video editor you spend your days logging footage, making cuts, tinkering with graphics, and rendering again and again and again.  When you get home to your friends and family you hardly feel like sitting down to log and cut your own home

Meet Our Users: A Whole Family Of Dancing Machines!

Magisto is great for making travel videos, pet videos, event videos and more, but we’ve got a little secret for you—one of the best ways to use Magisto is to make videos of yourself, your friends and your family just plain having fun and goofing off.  One

How to make sure your clip is amazing

As more and more videos are created by Magisto we noticed that we need to make sure our users get proper instructions on how to make sure their clips look amazing. So we have few tips for you: Your clip will be significantly shorter then your original

5 Ways To Get More Views On Your Online Videos

Have you ever uploaded a video to YouTube, Facebook or other sites and wondered why nobody was watching it?  Are you tired of nobody liking, commenting or paying attention to your videos?  We’ve put together a few tips to help you make your videos better and maximize

Spookify Your Videos Automatically With Magisto’s Halloween Video Theme

Trick or treat?! Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate we’ve launched a spooky Halloween theme.  Our new theme is the perfect way to dress up your videos and get into the Halloween spirit when you use Magisto to edit your videos automatically.