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Magisto Launches Publicly… Tell Your Friends!

Hello friends!  We are excited to announce that today marks the public launch of Magisto!  Now anyone can use Magisto to turn their unedited video footage into short, fun movies to share with friends and family, automatically.  We want to take this opportunity to thank all of

Before And After: Image Stabilization Smoothes Out Your Shaky Footage [Video]

Here at Magisto we pride ourselves on making your videos look as amazing as possible.  Just upload your videos and let our automatic video editor do the work for you—cutting together your footage with fun transitions and effects to create a video that you’ll be proud to

Meet The Magisto Team: Our CEO & Co-Founder Oren Boiman

Meet Oren Boiman.  Oren is our CEO & Co-founder, but that’s not all—he’s also a dad and, like many of our users, he uses Magisto to automatically create family videos to keep and share memories as his kids grow.  In fact, Oren came up with the idea

Magisto + iPhone = The World’s Smartest Video Camera

In September we introduced Magisto, allowing anybody to create movies from unedited footage with the simple click of a button. We immediately followed by partnering with YouTube bringing Magisto to YouTube Create. And in the past three months, we’ve seen our users create videos spanning almost every

How To Make The Ultimate Travel Video In Minutes

When you go on a trip—whether you are vacationing one state over or travelling to the other side of the world—you want to be able to share your experiences with your friends and family back home.  Magisto makes it easy to create a professional-looking video featuring all