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Meet Our Users: How One School Principal Is Using Magisto

We always enjoy hearing about the unique and interesting ways that people are using Magisto so when we heard that a school principal in Silver Spring, MD was using Magisto to keep parents excited about what’s going on in his school we jumped at the chance to

My videos page and Hebrew support added

Hi all, few quick updates: Hebrew support – we noticed that few of our users tried to use a Hebrew title for their clip so we’re now supporting this as well. My videos page – we obviously kept your clips in our system although you didn’t have

Parents: Create The Ultimate Video Memories Of Your Kids With Magisto

In this day and age we have the means to record all the joyful moments in the lives of our children. More people than ever are taking digital pictures and shooting videos of their kids and babies to share with friends and family, and to keep

Meet Our Users: For The Love Of Dogs & Other Furry Creatures

Meet Liza.  Liza loves dogs and she has made it her mission in life to help animals that are in need and she garners support and raises money through her Facebook page, ‘LEO the Lion Hearted’.  Recently Liza discovered Magisto and has been using it to create

Upload your own soundtrack!

Selecting a soundtrack for your Magisto clip is even easier now. Many of you kept asking about using your own music files for the soundtrack so we’re now happy to tell you that we’ve added this feature. When you reach “Select Soundtrack” section, you’ll notice that you