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5 Tips On How To Make A Sick Skate Video With Magisto

We’ve seen people make all sorts of videos with Magisto, from family home movies to pet videos, dance videos and more.  But one of the raddest uses of Magisto that we’ve seen so far is skateboarding videos.  If you skate, you’ve probably got tons of videos from

New Feature Alert: You Can Now Embed Your Magisto Videos

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from users saying that they’d like to embed their Magisto clips on their personal blogs and websites.  Well, folks—your wish is our command!  We have launched a new embed feature that will let you easily embed videos from Magisto on your

Watch: Spooky Highlights From Magisto’s Halloween Special

Last month we launched a spooky Magisto video theme to celebrate Halloween.  Literally hundreds of you guys shared your Magisto Halloween videos on YouTube and we’re excited to share some of the highlights—from an adorable costume parade to a creepy short film, an athletic dog and more. 

Meet Our Users: Magisto Makes Demo Videos Easy

Our users have been finding all sorts of fun and interesting uses for Magisto.  We’ve seen skydiving videos, bike ride videos and everything in between.  While many of you are making Magisto clips of fun events and memories from your own lives, Julian, one of our users

It's show time !

Hi and Welcome to the magisto blog ! Let me tell you how it all started. When my first daughter was born, our family had great new amazing moments in life and it was important for me to share them with my friends and family. This should