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How To Shoot Great Video On A Mobile Phone

These days more and more people are trading in their handheld cameras and camcorders and shooting video on their mobile phones.  Smart phones like iPhone, Android and others can produce amazing quality videos—often even better than some of the point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders that were on the

Meet Our Users: World Traveler Uses Magisto For Travel Videos

Shortly after our launch last month, one of our users named Geoff caught our attention with some amazing travel videos that he shared on Twitter.  Geoff used Magisto to create video memories of the trips he’s taken to French Polynesia, Malaysia, Kenya and Tanzania and they are

Magisto takes 1st place at Techonomy 3!

First, let’s start with the gist cause this is what we’re about: WE WON! Now let’s tell you more about it. Techonomy3 took place yesterday and the main event was a startup contest. 6 startups presented their stuff in front of the audience and a respectable list

The Trick To Creating Amazing Family Videos In Minutes

Home videos are one of the best ways to hold on to family memories, and share them with your friends and family all over the world.  However, editing together videos of your kids’ first day of school, birthday parties, vacations and other events can be complicated and

Feature alert – original audio

One of the features that were requested many times by our users is to try and leave parts of the audio from the original videos. We clearly understand and relate to this request. In some cases, the original audio isn’t really that important or meaningful for the