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Emotion Sense Technology: Magisto’s Magical Secret Revealed

Many of our users have called Magisto “magical,” and it’s not just because of our name. In a recent poll we conducted, 81.8 percent of users told us they agree that their recent Magisto Movies matched the emotions they intended to convey. But as much as we’d

#WeekendChallenge: Make a Movie Starring Your Pet

As you may have noticed from some of the Movies we feature on our Popular Page and in our Top Movies weekly roundups, here at Magisto we’re crazy about pets. One of our very first Weekend Challenges, back in April, was a pet challenge. However, as more of

Congratulations to the Winner of Our Father’s Day Challenge!

Last week we asked users to create a Magisto Movie for Dad for a chance to win an iPod Touch and a sweet Magisto tie. Submissions are closed and the results have been tallied and we're excited to announce our grand prize winner!

This Week’s Top Movies: This Dancing Baby’s Got Moves Like Jagger!

Hi there, ladies and gents! Hope you’re ready to smile because this week’s Top Movies roundup is full of happy-making content from an adorable dancing baby to a pile of cute kittens. If you have a great Movie, or have seen someone else’s great Movie that you

Video Shooting Tips: How to Compose Great Shots

Last week we gave you some tips on how to shoot better video on your smartphone - this week we're breaking things down further with some easy-to-apply tips for shot composition. Get ready to shoot some phenomenal footage!