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Capture & Share Your Thanksgiving Memories with Magisto

Turkey Day is just around the corner and, while we're excited to stuff ourselves with delicious Thanksgiving food, we're really excited to see how all of you, our wonderful users, are celebrating - and how you're capturing your celebrations with Magisto.

Thank You Videos: A Fun, Personal Alternative to Thank You Cards

'Tis the season for giving - and also receiving - and we thought we'd share a fun tip from one of our users on how to use Magisto to say "thank you" for all the great gifts you receive this holiday season!

‘The Creative Code: Boon or Bane of Digital Socielty’ at Techonomy

Earlier this month at the Techonomy 2013 conference in Tuscon, our CMO Reid Genauer took part in a panel on creativity and technology.

Oh hai there! Enjoy these adorable cat Movies! *meow*

Thursday is coming to a close and, at the end of a long workweek, there's nothing like some adorable cat videos to ease the stress and prepare you for a relaxing Friday.

Featured Creator: On Exercising Your Creativity With Magisto

Many of our users have gotten creative with Magisto, using the app as a means to exercise their creative muscles. One of these users is Ann L E Bach.