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News from Mobile World Congress: We’ve Partnered With Global Telecommunications Company Deutsche Telekom

The Magisto team has taken to the city Barcelona to experience the hustle, bustle and excitement that is Mobile World Congress – an annual gathering of mobile industry-folk, executives, mobile operators, technology providers, vendors and content owners from all over the world.

Battle of the Fans: Meet The Young Folk

The Young Folk, hailing from Dublin, Ireland, are anything but typical. They are one of 11 bands battling it out in our Battle of the Fans contest.

Battle of the Fans: Meet Black Pistol Fire

Eric Owen (drums) and Kevin Mckeown (guitar, vocals) of Black Pistol Fire have been friends since Kindergarten. They grew up in Toronto, Canada but now spend a lot of time in Austin, TX.

Battle of the Fans: Meet The Spring Standards

James Cleare, Heather Robb, and James Smith of The Spring Standards - one of the 11 bands taking part in our Battle of the Fans video contest - first started playing together as teenagers growing up along the border of Deleware and Pennsylvania.

Battle of the Fans: Meet Tim Chaisson

Tim Chaisson hails from Prince Edward Island, Canada. He tells us, "I grew up in a big musical family and Celtic music has been always at the forefront."