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Tuesday Tips: Getting To Know Magisto’s Video Quality Settings

vidqualityHappy Tuesday, ladies and gents! We’re dedicating this week’s Tuesday Tips to sharing everything you need to know about our video quality settings, so you can get the best possible quality when you create your Magisto movies!

Quality works a little differently on mobile than on the web, because on mobile we transcode your video upon upload to make the upload process go faster. As a result, some of the original quality of your video will be lost. For the highest quality results on mobile, it’s important to make sure you’ve got “Video Quality” set to “Higher Quality” rather than “Faster Upload” under the app’s Settings.


Currently HD quality is not available on mobile, though it will be in the future. When streaming and downloading movies created on mobile, the results will vary from 240p to 360p, depending upon the quality of the footage that was uploaded.

In the meantime, creating your movie on the web at will give you the best possible results in terms of quality, as we don’t compress video upon upload to the web. When you create a movie on the web it will stream in 480p, provided the uploaded source files are at least 480p. If you create a movie with all HD sources, we can create an HD version for you to download if you have upgraded to our Pro package. HD downloads are 720p.

Note: In order to get an HD download you must create your movie on the web with all HD files. If at least one of your files is not HD, we will only be able to create a version equivalent to the lowest quality file you’ve uploaded. For example, if you uploaded all 720p videos and one 360p video, we will only be able to create a download for you in 360p.

If you have any questions about video quality that weren’t answered here, please feel free to reach out to our support team!

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