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From Main St. to Madison Ave Millennials Disrupting 50 Year-Old Balance of Marketing Power

Crisis looms in the halls of Madison Avenue as audience’s and eyeballs move with an accelerating speed to social media and online video. In the face of fast paced chance and mounting pressure for scale and efficiency, massive legacy marketing budgets have become increasingly unwieldy and harder

The Most Important Variables in A/B Testing Your Marketing Video: How to Pick a Winner

In a previous post we discussed how A/B testing is the best way to determine your marketing videos’ weaknesses and strengths, and find the version that actually moves the ball with engagement and conversion for your business. And also how Magisto for Business is the most efficient

Use Video to Get the Most for Your Small Business from Facebook’s New Shopping Sections

Having a Facebook Page has become indispensable for all businesses, but some new features from the social media giant have huge implications for small businesses. Especially businesses who have harnessed the power of video marketing. Facebook recently rolled out two new sections to help promote goods and

How to A/B Test Your Online Marketing Videos

Online videos are an indispensable part of any marketing campaign, but what if consumers aren’t being engaged by yours? How would you know? What about them don’t they like? How can you fix them quickly before your competitors take the ball and run? The best way to

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Start Driving Sales Now

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Start Driving Sales Now There’s never been a better time to be a small business. Whereas they once had to rely on word of mouth and expensive advertising campaigns, widespread technology adoption has both broadened their base of customers and made it