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How a Music Lesson Platform Used Video to Drive Facebook Marketing

Lessonface offers on-on-one music lessons with hand-curated excellent teachers through high-quality video conferences. Lessonface worked with Magisto to integrate Facebook video marketing into awareness, student acquisition, and music teacher acquisition. They also wanted to test multiple Facebook video creatives with a variety of messages and benefits, and test their old videos against new Facebook videos to see which would be more successful.

How a Music Lesson Platform Used Authentic Video Narratives to Drive Facebook Video Marketing Click To Tweet

Lessonface created five Facebook videos: a product overview, an instructional testimonial, a brand overview, a how to, and a lifestyle video. They tested traditional marketing copy against authentic narratives in the Facebook videos.

The results were quickly apparent. The Magisto Facebook videos with authentic narratives had a 210% improvement in cost-per-click and 104% improvement in click-through-rates as compared to their traditional promotional videos they had previously produced.

“Magisto videos performed significantly better than many of the other videos we’ve produced. I especially liked having multiple iterations of the videos to test. The authenticity of the videos resonated with instructors and students alike,” Claire Cunningham, Founder.

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