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Meet Our Users: How One School Principal Is Using Magisto

We always enjoy hearing about the unique and interesting ways that people are using Magisto so when we heard that a school principal in Silver Spring, MD was using Magisto to keep parents excited about what’s going on in his school we jumped at the chance to find out more about his story.

Tobias Harkleroad is the principal at Saint Francis International school, a school of 440 students aged 2 through 8.  He tells us that, “Over the last year I have really tried to use social media, especially video, to keep our parents and supporters excited about what is going on at our school.  So, I try to take lots of raw videos and photos of events and get them onto our YouTube channel as soon as possible.”

The problem is that the footage can pile up when you are shooting video of school event after event.  Mr. Harkleroad says, “I have often times found myself getting weeks behind in turning all of the raw footage into decent videos to post to YouTube.  Just as you advertise with your service there is just too much footage and not enough time.  What’s more, I am a principal and not a video editor.  I very often run out of creative ways to present the material.

“Magisto has been really helpful in taking footage of events and quickly creating a decent video to post quickly to our YouTube channel so that parents can keep up with what’s going on at school.”

He shared a few examples with us of how he has been using Magisto to create fun videos of the goings on at Saint Frances International.  This first video is made up of footage from a field trip that SFIS fourth graders took to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Maryland, to learn about the Chesapeake Bay.

Here’s a fun video of the SFIS Halloween parade on October 28, 2011.  We also featured this video in a blog post featuring some of the highlights from our Halloween special.

You can find more examples on the Saint Francis International YouTube Channel.  Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Mr. Harkleroad!

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