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#WeekendChallenge: Make a Guessing Game!

questionmarkHappy Friday, ladies and gents! This weekend we’re trying something a little different for our #WeekendChallenge and inviting you to get creative and make a Movie that’s also a guessing game! Create a Movie that gives clues about a person, place or thing and let us (and other users) guess what your Movie is about!

How do you make a guessing game Movie? Just shoot some videos and photos that reveal little details about a topic – for instance, closeups of a famous landmark without showing the location in its entirety – and upload them to Magisto. Share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below and let us guess what your Movie is about!

The first 50 of you to share your Movie with us will be rewarded with free one-month Magisto upgrades and we’ll also share your Movie with other users and ask them to guess what your Movie is of!

Need a little inspiration? Check out the following two Movies, created by Dennis from the Magisto team. Can you guess where each of them were shot?

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