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Featured Creator: Ballerina Project Reggio Calabria

Deborah Ballerina ProjectMeet Deborah Posillipo – you may have seen her beautiful ballet Movies featured in our Popular Movies or Featured Albums. Deborah is an Italian dancer, and the photomodel and art-director for Ballerina Project Reggio Calabria and she took some time out to speak with us about the project, her passions, and how she discovered Magisto.

Born in Reggio Calabria, Deborah tells us, “I have been driven since childhood by an innate and strong passion for dance and I started to study the age of four. At 9 years old I was selected to join the “Teatro dell’opera di Roma.” Today, I continue to study with top-level artists and constantly strive to improve myself in various styles of dance classic, modern and contemporary art.”

Deborah has been participating as model and art-director for Ballerina Project Reggio Calabria since 2012 – a series of poetic photographs that feature the juxtaposition of ballet against an urban landscape. She explains, “This project was born from the fusion of dance and photography. It is inspired by an existing project born from the American photographer Dane Shitagi. Through the project, I work to convey my love for dance, including its values and its beauty (Discipline, sacrifice and much more ..), as well as to spread awareness about my beautiful town, Reggio Calabria.” You can learn more on the project’s Facebook page.

When asked how she came across Magisto, Deborah tells us, “I met Magisto by destiny on Facebook. I wanted to create videos for the project and one day I noticed Magisto. I was excited about this application and the opportunity it proves to create beautiful videos to show everyone my work and my passion!

“My favorite thing about creating movies with Magisto is to show everyone the project “Ballerina Project Reggio Calabria” and the beautiful city of Reggio Calabria, and especially to convey to you all my love for dance!” Deborah’s short Movies feature behind-the-scenes footage that illustrate the study, commitment and professionalism that are the basis for the project. Click here to view them all on Magisto.

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