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Congratulations to our #GetGeeked Video Contest Winner, Tiffany!

Here at Magisto we are constantly inspired and energized by advances in technology and science happening all around us. So when partnering with Get Geeked, a technology networking community to launch a video contest built around their San Francisco event it was a no-brainer!

We asked the Magisto community to submit videos that expressed how people are discovering and engaging with new gadgets and technologies in their daily lives for a chance to win a Drone. We received over 200 movies so it was a tough decision for us to select only ONE winner. Congratulations go out to Magisto Storyteller, Tiffany from El Paso. Tiffany’s movie incorporated one of our favorite forms of art, 3D printing. What we really loved about Tiffany’s Magisto was her ability to showcase the magic that can happen when you combine technology, inspiration, creativity and art.

Tiffany says, “3D printing has been an interest of my boyfriends for the past five years. Last year we took a road trip to California to pick up two Robo 3D R1 3D printers from Robo 3D and Matterhackers. I wanted to give my boyfriend a unique gift for Father’s day. Since we love getting geeked with our Robo 3D R1 printer and making videos with the magisto app, it was a no brainer to enter the contest. We make lamps, lithophanes, nightlights, and so many other products with our cool gadget. We want to give thanks not only to Get Geeked Events and Magisto but to Braydon Moreno from Robo 3D for making such a great machine. He has made 3D printing affordable enough for anyone to achieve their dreams.”

We would like to thank everyone that submitted a movie to our video contest, we loved all the movies. Please enjoy the winning movie (below) titled, “3 D Printing How We#GetGeeked″ created by Tiffany from El Paso, Texas.

To check out more movies from Tiffany visit her page here.

For more #GetGeeked action check out all of the the amazing videos submitted here. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and events from Magisto!

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