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Featured Creator: Meet Nicky Digital!

Meet Nicky Digital - the mustachioed NYC music and nightlife photographer that is the force behind one of our most popular featured albums, the NickyDigital.com Party Album.

Featured Creator: Meet Kara Winship & Family

The Winships are one of our community's most active families, sharing their lives and saving and sharing memories through Magisto Movies. We spoke with Kara to find out more about her family and her experience with Magisto.

Featured Creator: Ballerina Project Reggio Calabria

Deborah is an Italian dancer, and the photomodel and art-director for Ballerina Project Reggio Calabria and she took some time out to speak with us about the project, her passions, and how she discovered Magisto.

User Stories: How One Professional Video Creator Is Using Magisto

If you've been following our weekly Top Movies roundups, then you may have noticed that one user made our list for the past two weeks in a row. Kyle Roberts is a videographer, editor, director and stop motion extraordinaire, but despite the fact that he's well-versed in