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#ShowUs How You Connect With People: Street Photographer Lance Agena

Happy Monday, ladies and gents! It's a new week and with it comes a new episode of The #ShowUs Show. On this week's episode we hear from Lance Agena - a street photographer in Honolulu, Hawaii.

#ShowUs What Builds Your Confidence: Amy Lambert of Mellow Waves

This week on The #ShowUs Show we hear from Amy Lambert, a surfer from the UK and the creator of Mellow-Waves.com, a blog dedicated to helping surfers that aren't very good at surfing.

Troy “The Prince of Selfie” Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Happy Wednesday, ladies and gents! This week one user's movie put a huge smile on our faces and we thought we'd share it with you to brighten your day as well!

#ShowUs How You Feel About Team Sports: 7 Bamboos Rugby

This week on The #ShowUs Show we hear from Max Lueck - a sports coach, rugby enthusiast and founder of 7 Bamboos Rugby, an organization in the UK designed to support young people in their skill and personality development through the sport of 7s Rugby.

#ShowUs How You Feel About Photography: Nicky Digital

We caught up with NYC nightlife photographer Nicky Digital to find out about his work, his passion for photography and how it feels to capture nightlife in the Big Apple.