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Featured Creator: India, Family and Unstoppable Dance Moves!

Meet Nagarjuna, from Kodad City in India. Nagarjuna has been making Magisto movies for over a year and he caught our eye when he won our "Best of 2013" Movie Contest with his adorable family movie, Aarush Manju & Me #my2013.

Magisto of the Day: Maia’s Mission to become the Fastest 7 Year-Old on the Planet!

"Maia has been running before she could walk. At the age of 3 she was already keeping up with kindergarteners!" Maia's father and coach, Charles Flanagan, tells us.

Improving the World, One Act of Random Kindness at a Time

Do a good deed, pass it on. A Canadian medical student and non-profit organization Kindness Counts have turned this simple idea into a worldwide phenomena with their #FeedTheDeed initiative.

World Traveler Roberto Manzano Shares His Backpacking Adventures Through the Magisto Lens

Ever wanted to visit India, Bosnia, Nepal, Laos, Myanmar or Turkey? Roberto Manzano has been to these places and more, and we were beyond excited when he shared his world travels with us in an album of Magisto movies!

Fitness Experts Share Tips & Motivation with Magisto

With today being the first day of spring (yeah!) and the weather finally starting to warm up, we thought there was no better time than the present to take a look at how some of our users are using Magisto to get their health and fitness on.