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Halloween! Mission: Magisto Rules

Halloween! Mission: Magisto Rules

Feeling #Grateful for Andrea Brown! Our #jerryRIPS Video Contest Winner!

Jerry Garcia’s music embodied love, creativity and community at a time in American history twisted by a tumultuous social and political climate. This summer Jerry Garcia’s Band ‘On Broadway’ was officially released celebrating Jerry Garcia’s thirteen night run on Broadway featuring three previously unreleased sets from October

Jerry Garcia and Magisto Create Musical Experience

Jerry Garcia’s music changed the world forever. Through his work with the Grateful Dead and as a solo artist he inspired a new generation of musicians, artists and storytellers: his fans. This week Magisto in collaboration with Jerry Garcia’s Estate unleashed NEWLY released music off of his

The #ShowUs Show: Leaping into 2015, Skydive-style

Happy Monday, ladies and gents! On this week's episode of The #ShowUs Show we're taking a leap into 2015 with an awesome compilation of sky diving movies.

The #ShowUs Show: New Year’s Resolutions

To celebrate New Year's Resolutions, we've dedicated this week's episode of The #ShowUs Show to one of the world's most popular New Year's Resolutions - getting in shape!