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#ShowUs How You Like To Travel: Annie Wood

It's Labor Day weekend - the last big travel weekend of the summer - and, to celebrate, we're making this week's episode of The #ShowUs Show all about travel and how you like to travel!

#ShowUs How You Feel About Taking Risks

Have you ever taken a big risk or made a major change in your life? Julie Nowell, who we met earlier this summer at BlogHer, talks about taking risks in the latest episode of The #ShowUs Show.

#ShowUs How You Feel About Your Destiny

Is there something you feel you were destined to do in life? Magisto CMO Reid Genauer was destined to be a musician, and he talks about this musical destiny in the latest episode of The #ShowUs Show.

The #ShowUs Show: Share Your Story With Us!

In today's episode of The #ShowUs Show, Magisto's head of social media and community, Megan, talks about her own passion for online video and explains how YOU can get involved with #ShowUs.

#ShowUs How You Feel About Team Sports: 7 Bamboos Rugby

This week on The #ShowUs Show we hear from Max Lueck - a sports coach, rugby enthusiast and founder of 7 Bamboos Rugby, an organization in the UK designed to support young people in their skill and personality development through the sport of 7s Rugby.