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Introducing Magisto for Marketers

Introducing Magisto for Marketers We’ve turbo charged Magisto for Business, which is intended for everyday video marketing for SMBs and tailored it specifically to meet the needs of professional marketers! Magisto for Marketers, is an AI powered video creative platform that makes video marketing creative agile, iterative

Case Study: The Data Behind Winning Video Marketing Creative

flok flok connects merchants and their customers, powering lasting and rewarding relationships through their digital punch card. With the easy-to-use online dashboard and unique mobile app, flok provides small businesses with the ability to attract new customers and keep them coming back. Goal: Increase agility and speed

Is Your Marketing Strategy Following Your Audience?

Word-of-mouth campaigns have always been the best way to promote a brand. Get people talking about your product and they’ll start seeking it out. For decades, businesses have relied on TV and print ads to do just this. However, recent shifts in the media landscape are leaving

The Most Important Variables in A/B Testing Your Marketing Video: How to Pick a Winner

In a previous post we discussed how A/B testing is the best way to determine your marketing videos’ weaknesses and strengths, and find the version that actually moves the ball with engagement and conversion for your business. And also how Magisto for Business is the most efficient

Use Video to Get the Most for Your Small Business from Facebook’s New Shopping Sections

Having a Facebook Page has become indispensable for all businesses, but some new features from the social media giant have huge implications for small businesses. Especially businesses who have harnessed the power of video marketing. Facebook recently rolled out two new sections to help promote goods and