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4 Ways to Get More Views on Your Magisto Movies

Want to get more views, likes and comments on your Magisto Movies? We want to help! Nothing is worse than creating a masterpiece that you're proud of and then just having it sit there, unwatched. We've put together a list of tips to help your masterpiece get

Make Your Magisto Movies Better With This Simple Tip

In the coming weeks we'll be bringing you a series of blog posts offering up tips on how to create amazing content with Magisto that you'll be proud to share. Today we'd like to talk about how variety can help you tell amazing stories!

Getting The Most Out Of The New Magisto Photos Feature

Over the past few weeks we rolled out a new feature that lets you include photos in your Magisto movies on iPhone and Android.  You guys have been doing a lot of cool stuff with photos, but you’ve also had some questions about the new feature so

Video Storytelling: 5 Tips For Sharing Your Experiences Through Video

When it comes to sharing an event or experience from your life–whether it be a trip to Italy, a family function or just a fun night out with your friends–photos are great, but nothing beats a good video that really tells the story of what went on.

The SmartPhonies: How To Get More Likes, Views & Comments On Your Movies

Have you entered The SmartPhonies: One-Minute Movie Awards yet?  If not, you have until the end of tomorrow (Thursday, February 28, 2013) to create a movie with #WIN in the title for your chance to win a Nexus 7. We’ve had thousands of #WIN movie submissions already,