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Congratulations to our Kleenex #caringmoments Video Contest Winner, Jennie!

Announcing the winner of the Kleenex #CaringMoments Video Contest

Congratulations to our #GetGeeked Video Contest Winner, Tiffany!

We asked the Magisto community to submit videos that expressed how people are discovering and engaging with new gadgets and technologies in their daily lives for a chance to win a Drone. We received over 200 movies so it was a tough decision for us to select

This Week’s Top Movies: Dancing In The Rain In India

This week's Top Movies roundup includes an awesome travel Movie featuring people dancing in the rain in the streets of India, one of our users' amazing artistic talents, yoga, a bald eagle, skateboarding and kittens!

This Week’s Top Movies: Puppies, Cityscapes & Summer Fun

Thursday is here again and with it comes our weekly roundup of some of our favorite Movies from the past seven days. This week's Top Movies list features puppies, cityscapes, dance, Summer fun and more!

This Week’s Top Movies: Goats on a Trampoline!

Happy Thursday, ladies and gents! With Friday and the weekend just around the corner, we've rounded up our usual list of some of the best Movies we've seen this week. This week we've got some fun ones for ya - from some cheerful Summer vacation Movies to