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Tuesday Tips: How Does Magisto’s Surprise Me Feature Work?

Surprise! Earlier this year we launched a brand new feature called Surprise Me that creates movies automatically from the photos and videos on your mobile device and delivers them to you.

Tuesday Tips: How to Customize the Length of your Magisto Movies

Some of the most frequently asked questions our support team get surround how to customize the length of your Magisto movies, including how to make longer movies and how to make shorter movies, optimized for Instagram sharing. This is where the Movie Length setting comes in.

Tuesday Tips: How To Download Magisto Movies

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is how to download your Magisto movies so we thought we'd put together a little guide with all the information you need!

Tuesday Tips: Simple Lighting Tricks for Mobile Photo and Video

Happy Tuesday, ladies and gents - we're back with another tip for making your Magisto movies as awesome as possible. This weeks Tuesday Tip is all about lighting.

Tuesday Tips: How To Use Magisto Albums To Organize Your Movies

Happy Tuesday, ladies and gents! We're back with another Tuesday Tip. This week we'll take a look at how to use Magisto albums to organize your movies.