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#WeekendChallenge: Make a Guessing Game!

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! This weekend we're trying something a little different for our #WeekendChallenge and inviting you to get creative and make a Movie that's also a guessing game! Create a Movie that gives clues about a person, place or thing and let us (and

#WeekendChallenge: What Makes You Happy?

Happy Friday, folks! The weekend is just around the corner and our #WeekendChallenge is here to inspire you to get creative. This weekend we want to know what makes you happy!

#WeekendChallenge: Express Yourself with a Movie about YOU

Here at Magisto, we think our users are pretty awesome and so we decided to make this week's #WeekendChallenge all about YOU. This weekend, make a Movie about yourself - your hobbies, your favorite things, your friends...anything goes - and you could win yourself a free one-month

#WeekendChallenge: Make a Movie Starring Your Pet

As you may have noticed from some of the Movies we feature on our Popular PageĀ and in our Top Movies weekly roundups, here at Magisto we’re crazy about pets. One of our very first Weekend Challenges, back in April, was a pet challenge. However, as more of

#WeekendChallenge Roundup: Check Out These Fun Hobby Movies

Over the weekend we asked our users to show us what they like to do for fun as part of a #WeekendChallenge focused on hobbies. Many of our users submitted Movies about their hobbies - we saw Movies about skateboarding, photography, baseball and more. We've compiled some