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Watch: Breakdancing at the Manifesto Festival in Toronto

breakdancing manifestoYesterday a pretty fun Movie caught our eye on Twitter so we reached out to the creator to learn a little about the backstory. User Neyna, who you can find on Twitter and Instagram, told us the following story about his Movie, ‘This Is Our MNFSTO | Toronto | 2013’, which features breakdancing footage from the 7th Annual Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture.

Neyna tells us, “Manifesto Community Projects is a non-profit organization working to unite, inspire and empower diverse communities of young people through arts & culture. They aim to provide a platform and the resources needed to advance the growth of the arts as a tool for positive change on the individual, community and city level.

“The videos clips used in my Movie were shot during my time with Manifesto Community while volunteering for them at their 7th annual festival which happens ever year in Toronto. It’s a 4 day event that features a lot of events including art exhibitions, break dancing competitions, a summit for aspiring musicians and artists to hear the ins and out from a veteran already in the industry and ends off with a concert featuring some of the city’s very own artists alongside other famous international artists.

“The clips shown in my Movie only captured a small portion of the amazingness that happens over the 4 day festival. It was a pleasure being part of the whole experience of giving back to my city and even more to be able to share part of the experience via the Magisto app for Android!”

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