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Thank You Videos: A Fun, Personal Alternative to Thank You Cards

thanks fi star-stone‘Tis the season for giving – and also receiving – and we thought we’d share a fun tip from one of our users on how to use Magisto to say “thank you” for all the great gifts you receive this holiday season!

Fi Star-Stone, a self-described “full-time mum of two, wife of one and qualified parenting Jedi (!!) who runs , a free parent advice service and parenting site, from home.” Fi is also an author – her book The Baby Bedtime Book – Say Goodnight to Sleepless Nights comes out in 2014.

We met Fi earlier this month when she tweeted about using Magisto to create thank you videos, in lieu of thank you cards, to email to friends and family.

Why video thank you messages? Fi tells us, “The little ones love seeing themselves in videos – it’s a novelty and they find it very funny so Magisto is hugely popular in our house! We always make thank you videos as I feel it’s so much more fun and personal to have a thank you in real words rather than written. It makes something that usually takes me some time really easy and quick, which is great as time is precious as a parenting expert who answers more than 150 parenting emails a week for free.”

Check out the adorable Movie Fi made of her kids, thanking friends and family for their birthday presents. We hope it will inspire you to get creative with your thank you’s this holiday season!

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