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6 ways to get more views on your Magisto movie!

You just made a Magisto and you’re staring at your screen hoping to see the number of views grow.  Sound like you? Sure, we all do it! Staring at the screen while throwing eye laser beams won’t help! Ha! So, we’re here to help with some fun tips!

Fun tip #1: Take a deep breath! Whether you want 5 more views or 500 more views, know that you’re movie is just as great!

Fun tip #2: Your mom always said to share your toys with friends. Listen to mom! The more you share your movie with family and friends, the more views you’ll get!

Fun tip #3: Remember how we rolled out with a new social feature called your Magisto timeline? Don’t forget to share your timeline!  Friends and family will discover your movie there as well.

Fun tip #4: Don’t be shy! Want others to discover your awesome movie? Post your movie on external social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, and much more.

Fun tip #5: Magisto’s marketing team is always on the hunt for cool movies to feature on the Magisto popular movies page. If you tag Magisto when sharing on any of the social media platforms, we’re more likely to see them and more likely to feature your movie to garner THOUSANDS of views!

Fun tip #6: Be creative! Be unique! The more awesome your movie is, the more likely it will be watched and shared with others!

So, go on with your bad self and make some more Magisto movies! We hope this was helpful and don’t forget, have fun with it!

Feeling lost and have questions, feel free to reach out to!

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