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This Week’s Top Movies: Goats on a Trampoline!

trampoline goatsHappy Thursday, ladies and gents! With Friday and the weekend just around the corner, we’ve rounded up our usual list of some of the best Movies we’ve seen this week. This week we’ve got some fun ones for ya – from some cheerful Summer vacation Movies to dance, dogs and even a Movie featuring goats on a trampoline (seriously!).

Before we get to our list, we want to see your great Movies! If you’ve got a Movie that you think deserves to be featured, please share it with us on FacebookTwitter, or right here in the comments on this blog post so we can consider it for future lists!

And now….on to the Top Movies!

Goats on a trampoline

We promised you goats on a trampoline didn’t we? Enjoy!

~MIKADO~ summer vacation

We absolutely LOVE this Summer vacation Movie – the fun couldn’t shine through more!

Summer♡Vacation 2013.08.16

And speaking of Summer fun – how much fun does this look? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Dance shoot

Here’s a fun behind-the-scenes Movie from a ballet dance shoot.

Gone to the Dogs

And finally, if you’ve been following our weekly Top Movies roundup then you know that we hate to make a list of Movies without at least one pet Movie. Here’s a fun one, featuring a whole lotta cute canine goodness. Yay!

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