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This Week’s Top Movies: Puppies, Cityscapes & Summer Fun

cityscapeThursday is here again and with it comes our weekly roundup of some of our favorite Movies from the past seven days. This week’s Top Movies list features some adorable puppies, cityscapes, awesome dance moves, exotic locales, Summer fun and more!

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And now… we hope you enjoy this week’s list of Movies as much as we do!


Lady Gaga serves as the perfect backdrop for what looks like an amazingly fun trip to the beach!

Dance Lesson!

We’re not embarrassed to say that this Movie had us up and practicing our dance moves in the office. Although we may be a little too embarrassed to post a video of it 😉

Vyvyan: The Wonder Pup

Here’s a fun Movie that one of our users, Jane, shared with us earlier this week on National Dog Day! Click here to check out more of the great dog Movies shared with us.

Clinton Gomez Short Film

On a different note – we love when our users get artistic with their use of Magisto and when we saw this beautiful cityscape montage we couldn’t help but share it!


And here’s a beautiful travel Movie of an amazing-looking trip to the Maldive Islands. All we can say is wow.

Carolada 2013

And finally, this Movie gave us a laugh. That floaty chair seems to have it out for this entire family!

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