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This Week’s Top Movies: Race Cars, Parkour, Flips & More

MimmoHello there, lovely Magisto’ers! As we make our way towards the weekend, we’ve compiled a list of some of the Magisto Movies that have caught our eye this week. This week’s roundup features a mix of awesome Movies, from kittens to parkour, amazing flips, an adorable baby and a Movie created by a former Formula One racer!

If you have a great Movie, or have seen someone else’s great Movie that you think deserves to be featured, please share it with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll consider it for future weekly round ups!


This week we were excited to see a few Movies from former Italian Formula One racer Domenico Schiattarella, aka Mimmo, pop up in our public feed. Looks like the videos were shot earlier this month he took part in the Superstars Series at Zolder.

Parkour & Bunnies?

Here’s a fun Movie from Kyle Roberts of Reckless Abandonment Pictures. The Movie features awesome behind-the-scenes footage from a short he created, envisioning what the game Fun Run would be like in real life. You can check out the short here on YouTube.


While we’re on the subject of parkour – here’s a fun Movie that’s loaded with awesome flips!


This untitled Movie just made us happy, what else can we say? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Buckley Homestead

We just loved the little calf in this Movie, featuring footage from Buckley Homestead in Indiana. How cute is he?

My Kitties

And finally, our weekly roundup wouldn’t be complete without a gratuitous kitten Movie! Enjoy!

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