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Introducing ‘Draw a Video’ for Android: Personalize Your Magisto Movies With Hand Drawn Sketches

sketchblogOur development team has been hard at work putting together one of the most exciting features we’ve ever released and we’re thrilled to finally announce…drumroll please…Draw a Video!  Starting today, Android users will be able to personalize their Magisto Movies like never before–with their own animated, hand drawn sketches!

How does it work? If you’re an Android user, after selecting which videos and photos you’d like included in your Movie, you’ll now have the option to choose a brand new theme called “Draw a Video.”  Once the theme is selected, you can draw your own intro, frames to surround your video and photos, and even draw your own effects and transitions.  Your drawings will be automatically animated and included in your Movie.

Check out the demo video and screenshots below to see how it works:


Not artistically inclined? Not to worry! Our design team has put together a collection of default sketches that you can use in your Movie, including an adorable hand-drawn bird that flaps its wings, clouds and stars, airplanes and more, as well as a host of video frames and hand-drawn transitions.

Check out the examples below to see Draw a Video in action and then try it out for yourself.  We’d love to see what you come up with!  Feel free to post your Movie links in the comments below or share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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