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Introducing our newest app Magisto Shot!









Ever have something to say but words just won’t cut it? Or see the most hilarious thing happen, but your picture of it just doesn’t ‘feel’ funny? Well, we’ve got that problem solved for you – we just launched a new app for Facebook Messenger called Magisto Shot, that turns a single photo and text message into a ultra-short-but-lots-of-fun micro movie that lets everyone in on what you’re feeling.

Magisto Shot is available on iOS and Android and is super easy to use. Take a quick shot – of your dog, a selfie, everyone who’s at the party – pick a vibe (happy, sad, funny, hyper, love), say something about it and get ready for messaging that finally comes to life! In seconds, you’ll have an awesome looking moving message that lets you express yourself just the way you want, when you want. And Magisto Shot is seamlessly integrated with Facebook Messenger, so you can take your messages to the next level anytime you want.

So go on, have a blast and make your messages move! Check out our movie about Magisto Shot here and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team or drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter.

Or better yet, send us a Shot and let us know how you feel! Download it now!

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