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‘The Creative Code: Boon or Bane of Digital Socielty’ at Techonomy

techonomyEarlier this month at the Techonomy 2013 conference in Tuscon, our CMO Reid Genauer took part in a panel on creativity and technology.

The panel, called The Creativity Code: Boon or Bane of Digital Society, explored the reality that, thanks to technology, “collaboration has never been easier. More people than ever can express their creativity and share the result, be it a product, information, or art. Will a new tech-tool-powered Renaissance drive innovation and benefit us all, or is digital collaboration a real threat to true inspiration that just drags us all closer to the mean? Where does co-creation work best? And from what should we protect it?”

Reid joined moderator Doreen Lorenzo of Quirky and a group of awesome panelists, including Jordan Brandt of Autodesk, Yale University professor of computer science David Gelernter, Alex Ljung of SoundCloud, and RISD President John Maeda. Check out a video of the panel below. A transcript can be found on the Techonomy website.


The Creativity Code: Boon or Bane of Digital Society

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