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Introducing the Winners of our “Discover the World” Movie Contest

travel winners smallEarlier this month we asked our users to create Movies with our new ‘Traveler’ editing style, presented by Discovery Digital Network, for the opportunity to win $1000 towards a dream vacation as part of our “Discover the World” Movie Contest. Today, we’re pleased to announce the winners!

We received hundreds of amazing submissions, showcasing travel destinations from Las Vegas to Washington, DC, Japan, Bangladesh, Hungary and everywhere in between. It was tough to narrow it down to select the winners but a few movies really stood out to us, and to the folks at Discovery Digital Network. So without further ado, we bring you the winning movies!

Thailand 2013 #Travel by Denys

Denys, from Kiev, Ukraine, takes home the grand prize of $1000 towards a dream vacation for his awesome family travel Movie, Thailand 2013 #Travel. Denys tells us the story behind his Movie:

“One small but friendly family got wet in the autumn rain in the big cold city decided to make a trip to one of the warmest and picturesque corners of the planet for a month of sunny beaches, spicy delicious food, winding mountain roads, amazing beauty of temples and an unforgettable experience. We are pleased to share with you our emotions and experience through Magisto.”

Adventure in life #travel by Alexandra

We also had two runners up that each win a gift basket of goodies from Discovery Digital Networks. The first is Alexandra from Russia. Alexandra’s beautiful Movie, ‘Adventure in life #travel’, tells us the story of her Movie:

“I am 27 years old and I love to travel! I dream of travel all the time. Traveling allows me to understand the lives of other people in other countries, to understand things in my own life and in the world in the general.” In 2012, Alexandra, who has always been interested in the Dalai Lama, decided to go on a pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya, India to see him. “I wanted to be in this atmosphere and see the Dalai Lama. And I made it! The city was filled with Buddhists, monks, pilgrims from various countries. Afternoon when everyone was going to hear the Dalai Lama lecture, the central streets were completely clogged listeners, who were sitting right on the road. It was impossible to pass, but despite the crowd of people in the city it was calm, peaceful and friendly. People there were always eager to help and to share something. I felt like a member of a large, close-knit family.

“My journey then took me to the city of Agra , to see the great building the Taj Mahal. Excellent sight. Walking the streets of this city, I saw a lot of great events and a wedding and the birth of a child. People in India are very poor, but happy at the same time! India struck me as a very special country. You feel the power and strength being in it! It was a difficult journey, but it left a considerable mark on my soul!”

The Beauty of the Pacific North West #travel by Anna

Anna from Washington State is our second runner up. She tells us that her wonderful Movie, ‘The Beauty of the Pacific North West #travel’, is “reminiscent on the many day trips and weekend trips that I have taken with my little family in the Pacific North West. I am fairly new to the North West, and from the beginning I have been excited to explore the lovely surroundings. I was surprised at the magic and beauty of this part of the world. There is always something to explore. Here I never tire of traveling down a new road or path because the plants, ocean, trees, rivers, and creeks bring joy, solace, and good memories. I am happy I stumbled upon Magisto because I am now able to share these great life moments with the world. I also hope that this video can inspire others to explore the world around them because there is beauty everywhere!”

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