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#ShowUs How You Feel About Photography: Nicky Digital

nickydigitalcornersHappy Monday, everyone! Today we’re excited to bring you Episode 2 of The #ShowUs Show – a new project featuring Magisto users and their stories. This week we talk with NYC nightlife photographer Nicky Digital about his work, his passion for photography and how it feels to capture nightlife in the Big Apple.

Nicky tells us, “My job is really fun because it puts me at all different types of events, and it’s all exhilarating for the same reason and that’s that you’re in the moment. I’ve chosen to try and capture these things as close to reality as they happen and that is an exhilarating thing.”

Check out the episode below and then get involved! Make a movie showing us how you feel about photography or nightlife and include the hashtag #ShowUs in your title. We’ll be featuring some of our faves!

To find our more about Nicky, follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook or visit Check out the band featured in the video, SPF 5000, with their track “Take My Picture” on SoundCloud.

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