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#ShowUs How You Feel About Taking Risks

Have you ever taken a major risk or made a big change in your life? Blogger, speaker, consultant and mom, Julie Nowell, who we met earlier this summer at BlogHer, talks about taking risks in the latest episode of The #ShowUs Show.

A couple of years ago, feeling bogged down by stress, work and all the little things in life that were taking away from the enjoyment of life, Julie and her husband took a major risk – they quit their jobs, sold their house and moved their family to a little island and started over with a clean slate.

Check out Julie’s story in the episode below and then share your own story with us in a movie! Include the hashtag #ShowUs in the title if you’d like your movie to be featured in The #ShowUs Show public album!

To find out more about Julie, visit, and find her on Facebook and Twitter!

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