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#ShowUs An Amazing Experience You’ve Had: Filmmaker Péter Vadócz

zebraOn this week’s episode of The #ShowUs Show we hear from filmmaker Péter Vadócz from Budapest, Hungary. Earlier this month, Péter had the exciting opportunity to travel to Victoria Falls in Southern Africa. The trip was a prize for a photo contest he won, and he shares highlights from his trip, including the beautiful scenery and animals, in a movie.

“As a short filmmaker, I travel a lot. But this is not only part of my work, but also my passion,” Péter tells us. He’s made a collection of great travel movies with Magisto over the past year, and we’re absolutely loving this latest addition.

Check out Péter’s video below and find out more about him on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

What’s the most amazing experience you’ve had? Do you have photos and videos of it? Make a movie and share it with us! Include #ShowUs in the title and your movie will automatically be added to our featured album for The #ShowUs Show.

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