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The #ShowUs Show: Show Us How You Celebrate The Holidays

happyholidaysThe holidays are here and we’re celebrating with a special festive holiday edition of The #ShowUs Show!

We’ve cut together a compilation of holiday movies shared with us by some of our users – Quincy, Brian, Marge, Markéta, Dan, MeganMisty, and Deborah!

Want to be featured on a future episode of The #ShowUs Show? Make a movie showing us what you’re passionate about and include #ShowUs in the title for a chance to be included!

Check out the episode below and then make your own movie! Include #ShowUs in your title to be featured in The #ShowUs Show album. You can also share your movies with us on Twitter and Facebook!

Inspired by the holiday movies in this week’s episode? Make your own! When you select the “Happy Holidays!” editing style you can also send your movie as a gift to a friend or family member to be virtually unwrapped and viewed! Click here for details.

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