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Tuesday Tips: How To Remove Branding From The End Of Your Magisto Movies

magisto brandingOne of the most frequently-asked questions our customer service team gets asked is about how to remove branding from the end of Magisto movies.

If you’re planning to use a movie you created with Magisto in a presentation or for business, taking the logo off can be important, so we thought we’d take a minute to explain how branding on Magisto movies works.

As a free user, there are two types of branding that may appear on your Magisto movie:

1. “Traditional Magisto branding” – what you see in the image in this post

2. “Sponsored branding: – from time to time, brands sponsor specific editing styles for contests and promotions. During these contests and promotions, when you create a movie using the sponsored editing style, the brand’s logo will appear at the end of your movie as well.

To remove branding from your movies, simply upgrade your account to Magisto Plus or Magisto Pro. Our Premium users will not have “sponsored branding” at the end of any of the movies they create. As a Premium user, when you view your movie on our servers it will still have the “traditional Magisto branding” at the end. However, once you download your movie, the branding will be removed from the file so you can share it for your presentation, business or other purposes without the branding detracting from the viewing experience.

Note: You can also purchase a single download. When you do so, branding will be removed from the downloaded video file.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

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