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Tuesday Tips: 5 Ideas for Capturing Thanksgiving Memories with Magisto

turkeyThe smell of turkey and stuffing is in the air (well, it will be in a couple days anyway!) and with Thanksgiving just around the corner we thought we’d share a few ideas for capturing your holiday memories with Magisto.

Thanksgiving is a time to step back and reflect on what you’re thankful for, spend quality time with family and friends, enjoy good food and relax – but it’s also the perfect time for taking photos and videos and capturing memories.

We’ve compiled a list of five ideas for capturing your memories over the Thanksgiving weekend!

Thanksgiving Prep

Preparing for the Thanksgiving meal can be almost as fun as eating it, especially when the whole family comes together to help! If you’re not the one cooking, take some photos and videos in the kitchen and make some mouth-watering movies while you wait for the meal!

The Meal

Of course, the meal is everyone’s favorite part of Thanksgiving so don’t forget to capture photos and videos of the turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, yams, and all the other traditional foods at your family meal – and the great company around the table!

Family Time!

The holiday season is one of the few times during they year that the entire family gets together – don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture all those adorable, funny and memorable family moments! The younger family members often make for some of the cutest moments 🙂

What you’re thankful for

Making a movie about what you’re thankful for can also be a great way to take a moment out to express gratitude for all the amazing things in your life – be it your friends and family, a pet, your job, your health or something else (by roger)! Make a movie about the things you’re thankful for and include #ThankfulFor in your title to share your movie in our public Thanksgiving album!


Finally, for those of you that like to head out in the wee hours of the morning to shop on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving – make a movie to capture the experience!

We’d love to see your Thanksgiving movies, so don’t forget to share them with us by including the hashtag #ThankfulFor in your title, or shoot us a link on Facebook or Twitter. Happy Thanksgiving!

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