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Meet Our Users: A Whole Family Of Dancing Machines!

Magisto is great for making travel videos, pet videos, event videos and more, but we’ve got a little secret for you—one of the best ways to use Magisto is to make videos of yourself, your friends and your family just plain having fun and goofing off.  One of our users, Yasmin, has discovered Magisto’s potential for making fun memorable videos of her family doing nothing more than dancing around and having fun and we are so happy to share her story, and her videos, with you.

Yasmin describes making a video on Magisto as being like Christmas morning (a comparison we loved!).  She explains, “Choosing the videos and picking the song is like making a wish list, waiting for the finished product is like waiting up at night for Santa, and seeing how the video turned out is like unwrapping the presents.  We share so many laughs together when we see the finished product and show it off to everybody who ends up loving it as well, more than the original videos.”

Yasmin told us that she and her kids enjoy making videos for fun on a daily basis.  “We’re all music loving dancing machines, so we have a lot of videos where we dance to different songs.”  Yasmin uploaded a bunch of these fun dancing clips and Magisto automatically edited them into a single clip for her to watch with her family and share with her friends on Facebook.  The video below was made from 4 different videos and the video at the end of this post was made from 11 videos.  Magisto users can upload up to 16 videos, or up to 600MB.

Thanks Yasmin for sharing your story and videos with us!  Check out another video from Yasmin below and start uploading your own fun videos to Magisto.

[wpvideo TwR25z8B]

Yasmin told us that, if not for Magisto, she probably would have done nothing at all with the videos or gotten “really frustrated trying to use one of the other complicated video editing software programs online.”  She says, “I tried using one of those and it didn’t even come out remotely as good.  I’m glad I used Magisto because I get nothing but rave reviews about them on my Facebook page from friends and family (more than what I do for the unedited versions of the videos).”

[wpvideo GjaSCzZA]

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