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Introducing Your Magisto Timeline!

Millions of Magisto users have asked, and we listened!  We know you’ve been waiting for it and today, we’re so excited to announce the launch of some new social features!

Magisto users will now be able to follow other awesome users on Android (coming to iOS soon – stay tuned), curate a personal timeline to build an audience and discover new & exciting movies!

What is a Timeline?

Magisto has created your personal Timeline that other users can follow.  All your public movies have been placed in your “My Timeline” album.  If there is a particular movie you don’t want your followers to see, simply remove the movie from your Timeline album!

How do I follow a Magisto user?

If you’re an Android user, simply select any users name and then tap the “+Follow” button to keep up-to-date with their Magisto activity (coming to iOS soon – stay tuned).  After following someone, you will be able to watch, like, comment and share all their movies placed on their Timeline.

How do I add a movie I just created to my own Timeline?

After creating your awesome movie, tap the “keep” button, then select “My Timeline” to place it on your Timeline for friends to enjoy!

How can I share movies privately?

Don’t worry! You’re in control! Easily share privately in Albums or publicly to your new timeline.

Where are my other albums?

You still have all your existing albums and respective existing members to that album.  Those albums are now set to private and you may share movies privately with existing members.

What are you waiting for?! Start following your friends and start making new ones now!

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Social features on iOS coming soon!

Questions? We’re here to help! Just email us at

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