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Introducing Magisto for the New Amazon Fire Phone: Offering Personal Expression and Video Creation Across Amazon Hardware Devices

amazon fire phone

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new version of Magisto, optimized for Amazon’s new Fire phone, bringing Fire phone and Kindle Fire users the ability to create movies from the videos and photos on their devices and to access these movies from the cloud across multiple devices, including the Amazon Fire TV.

Back in April, we launched Magisto on Amazon Fire TV, making it easy for Fire TV users to stream their movies directly to their television sets for a leanback viewing experience. Now, users will be able to create movies easily on their Amazon devices and watch these movies on the big screens in their living rooms,

With Amazon’s new Fire phone, Magisto users can take advantage of the advanced camera system and one-handed Dynamic Perspective capability to capture more personal moments. They can then easily find their Magisto app on the carousel and bring their movies to life on their TV screens in the living room or on their phone or Kindle Fire. Or, they can access the Magisto community and watch other people’s video creations about sports, pets or family travel. Magisto Marketing Manager Rafi Rubin takes a look at the app’s functionality in the video below:

Magisto is available for Fire phone, Fire TV, Kindle Fire and Android tablets via the Amazon Appstore. Click here to download.

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