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Make Spooky Magisto Movies With Our Halloween Theme

Halloween is just around the corner and whether you’re celebrating this weekend or waiting until Wednesday to go trick-or-treating, we’re making it more fun than ever to share Halloween videos with our spooky Halloween theme.

Our Halloween theme “ghosts-and-ghouls” up your video.  To get in on the fun, just choose one of the songs from our new Halloween Theme genre and we’ll create your movie with all the Halloween bells and whistles.

Making a movie with our Halloween theme is no different from making a regular movie with Magisto.  It’s simple:

1. Shoot some video of you and your friends in your Halloween costumes, partying, dancing, and having fun, upload it to the Magisto iPhone app, Android app, or use Magisto on the web at

2. Choose a song from the Magisto Music Collection’s “Halloween Theme”—we’ve got everything from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’, the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme, ‘This Is Halloween’ from Nightmare Before Christmas, ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’, and more.  There’s even a surprise in there from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. 🙂

3. Give your movie a title and sit back and relax while we spookify your footage and create your movie for you.

See our Halloween theme in action in the example below (check out the original videos from the compilation in the description on YouTube).  Happy Halloweening!

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