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#WeekendChallenge: Get Creative with Magisto

dancing memoriesHappy Friday, ladies and gents! The weekend is just around the corner and with it your weekly chance to earn a free one-month Magisto Premium upgrade by completing our #WeekendChallenge. This weekend, we invite you to get creative! Instead of just making a traditional home Movie, get artistic! Make a montage of nature or architecture footage, draw a picture, tell a story, act, dance, create an artsy mashup of abstract photos and footage – the sky’s the limit!

How do you submit a #WeekendChallenge Movie? Just create your Movie and then share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below. Don’t forget to tell us you’re sharing your Movie as part of our #WeekendChallenge because the first 50 of you to submit will get free upgrades!

Need a little inspiration? Check out some beautifully artistic Movies created by our users below:

Dancing Memories

Here’s a beautiful Movie from a user named Tara. She says, “This film was inspired by love.”

Just Splash Out

Here’s a fun Movie one of our users created with our new ‘Indie’ video style. It features a little girl getting creative with paints!

Clinton Gomez Short Film

Here’s an idea – why not go out and shoot a short film about your city, like Clinton Gomez did!

Cavalo dançado

This user got creative in a silly way, adding music to a video of a horse moving his head up and down to make it look like the horse is dancing. 🙂

Last Best Place

And this user uploaded some artistically-shot time lapse footage to create this beautiful Movie for a contest we hosted earlier this year with Sierra Trading Post.


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