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#WeekendChallenge: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

memory laneHappy Friday, lovely Magistoers! Won’t you take a trip down memory lane with us this weekend?

As you know, each Friday we announce a #WeekendChallenge – inviting you to create a Movie on a specific theme for the chance to earn a free 1-month Magisto Premium upgrade. For this week’s challenge, travel back to a moment from your past where you shot video and photos – a trip, a special event, a day hanging out with friends or anything – and upload those videos and photos to Magisto to create a Movie. The first 50 of you to submit Movies will get a free 1-month Magisto Premium upgrade.

Looking back through old photos and videos on your phone or on your hard drive can be fun – odds are you’ve got lots of old videos and photos gathering virtual dust and turning them into Movies can be a fun way to bring back the old feelings and memories.

I made a Movie from some video footage and photos I shot when two of my good friends got married a few years ago and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bring a tear to my eye! Feel free to check it out below and then take a trip down memory lane to find your own old videos and photos to create a Movie with and share it with us!

Share a link to your Movie with us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below and don’t forget to tell us your submitting it for the #WeekendChallenge! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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