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#WeekendChallenge Roundup: Check Out These Fun Summer Movies

summer coasterOver the weekend we asked you to celebrate summer for our latest #WeekendChallenge. We had a great response and so we thought we’d share some of the great Summer Movies that were submitted!

Haven’t heard of our #WeekendChallenge? Weekend Challenges are designed to provide our users with inspiration for making fun Movies over the weekend. Each Friday we post a new challenge right here on our blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. We ask you to create a Movie about a certain topic or on a certain theme over the weekend and the first fifty of you to share your Movie with us get free one-month Magisto Premium upgrades!

As we mentioned above, this past weekend the #WeekendChallenge was to create a Movie celebrating Summer and here are some of the great Movies that were submitted! Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments below!


This Movie of summer in Alaska was shared with us on Facebook by user JBo. JBo tells us, “It was my father in-law’s first time to visit the Waterfall at the Mendenhall Glacier. He has been living in Juneau, Alaska for at least 20 years!”

Slammin’ Summer with Little X!

Here’s a fun family Summer Movie shared with us on Facebook by Helen. Adorable, right??

Smiler Rapids

And Summer wouldn’t be Summer without amusement parks! We love this Movie by user Mish, also shared with us on Facebook.

Riding Fun

Finally, here’s a Movie, created by a user named Winnie, that’ll make you want to head straight to the beach!

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